about ICE

“Indonesia Career Excellence 2021 is a digital career platform for Indonesian universities students in the UK and EU to connect with recruiters across UK, EU and Indonesia in one place with virtual booths, interactive contents and targeted job adverts. As we offer a hybrid model this year, your presence at ICE 2021 will culminate on the hybrid career event taking place on the 15th of October 2021, where students will have the chance to speak and engage with company representatives as well as networking with fellow students”


What's in it for you?

  • Recruit best talent
  • International presence
  • Strengthen company reputation

  • Head-start career journey
  • Receive career guidance
  • Network with Indonesia, UK and EU-based professionals




Meet the Team

Get to know the organisers of ICE 2021
Daniel Pranoto

Corporates Manager

Raynaldo Ong

Vice Chair

Diko Habib

Chief Corporates Officer

Kennia Sutio

Marketing Manager

Vindy Rikyla

Chief Marketing Officer

Winston Ciputra copy
Winston Ciputra

Operations Manager

Rania Rusly

Chief Operations Officer

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